• The Drucker Company

    As a leading supplier and pioneer of quality centrifuges since 1932, The Drucker Company continues to provide state-of-the-art technology in every product we offer. Every day, our centrifuges are being used in virtually thousands of labs around the world in a variety of different applications. From platelet-rich plasma to waste water, The Drucker Company has a centrifuge that’s right for your application. The hallmark of our centrifuges lies in the unique and patented horizontal rotor, an industry first, which many other companies try to mimic without nearly the efficiency and effectiveness afforded by our offerings.

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  • Schoolwires

    Schoolwires provides strategic online communication, website and community management and productivity solutions that result in stronger K-12 communities, more effective schools and greater student success.

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  • Videon Central

    Videon Central creates high performance digital video solutions for the consumer electronics market. We provide engineering design, software development, system integration, and product testing services to original equipment manufacturers and major system-on-a-chip (SoC) organizations. Our products include high-end home theater and in-flight entertainment system components ranging from DVD and Blu-ray Disc players to LCD displays and servers.

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