Incubator Services

Combining the entrepreneurial support and incubation efforts of our partners achieves a focused alignment of the funding, facilities and program services offered by each program.  The result is a seamless process for prospective clients.

Facilities that work for you.

Our partners will install/support video conference equipment, web presence and other appropriate electronic communications media to enable company interactions as well as remote program delivery.

Transformation Services

Building a solid foundation under your business.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning enables a company to define objectives and resources to better respond to changing market opportunities.  The Transformation's Team helps business owners identify and monitor their internal strengths, weaknesses and overall competitive advantage.  In addition, they can assist the company in recognizing external variables, such as environmental or governmental regulations that subsequently create opportunities or pose threats.

Market Research

Marketing research professionals will work with your company to develop an analysis of your industry, product, competition, market segments and potential customers.  If performed by an outside consulting firm, a marketing research report can cost more than $2,500-but is provided to you, as a likely Ben Franklin candidate, at no charge. 

Financial Management

As a Ben Franklin client, you will receive expert help in developing pro-forma statements, creating "what-if" scenarios, preparing quarterly and yearly budgets and processing year-end information.  The Transformation's Team will also help you understand the reporting requirements of banks, small business lenders and the local, state and federal governments.

Human Resource Planning and Management

Effective hiring practices are critical to the success of any business.  The HR professionals on the Transformation's Team can guide you through the interview process, state and federal compliance issues related to hiring and firing, creating an employee handbook and managing employee relations.

Accounting Practices

Knowing your costs and managing cash flow are the major keys to success for companies in any stage of business development.  The experts on the Transformation's Team can help you install a computerized accounting system, assist in developing standard cost accounting procedures, implement computerized payroll systems and establish inventory management systems that comply with all generally accepted accounting procedures.

Office Procedures

Running an office efficiently and effectively is not easy.  A team member will help you set up and maintain your accounts payable and receivable as well as payroll.  Your staff can even receive training on how to develop professional phone answering skills.