TechCelerator Training Programs

Eligible entrepreneurs chosen to participate in the program will each receive specialized pre-business mentoring from this team while they develop their business launch plans and make their go/no-go decisions.

A Training Curriculum for Entrepreneurs

The TechCelerator partners have formalized a series of training events and web based educational sessions focused on the specific needs of entrepreneurs.

Subsequent web based training sessions that would be topic based may be developed or purchased to continue the education and encouragement of entrepreneurship and ecosystem building.

Without purpose ... goals, ambitions, and dreams aren't worth the paper they're written on. Without direction, a business plan, no matter how carefully written, is simply a bunch of words ruining a perfectly good blank sheet of paper. –Peter J. Patsula

The entrepreneur will never be more than a few steps from an entry point to the right program and the proper support. –John Vidmar